On Site and Wearing a Tie

What is it?

Heirloom Engravers can come to your store or business and set up to engrave on the spot for parties and sales promotions, grand openings and other occasions.

A typical event is 3.5 hours long in which Heirloom will show up early to set up and be ready by the appointed time. We will be wearing slacks, a dress shirt and a tie. We are very good with your customers and will work diligently to keep things flowing smoothly.

What can Heirloom Engravers do On Site and Wearing a Tie?

  • Watch Engraving Promotions
  • Wine Bottle Engraving Promotions
  • Perfume Bottle Engraving Promotions
  • Foil Stamping Promotions
  • Inside ring Engraving Promotions
  • What to expect from Heirloom Engravers:
    If we are engraving on metal items such as inside rings, gift items, perfume bottles, pens or picture frames we can usually engrave an item every 5 minutes, often times quicker.

If we are hot stamping on leather we can do an item every 3-6 minutes.

If we are engraving glass wine bottles its usually an item every 7 minutes but for just initials 3-4 minutes.

If we are engraving watches they vary from 3 to 10 minutes each.

Of course, all this depends upon how much engraving we are doing on a given item, and if a customer wants several items that are the same it will go quicker.

We are professional and courteous on your sales floor. We keep count and give you a report of how many items we did and a general overview of the event by email in the following days so you can assess the success of the event.

We’ve been doing this for 33 years and take pride in being the best there is in the business. Please call for fees, specific details and availability.

Call for availability 650-726-4321